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Bonus Bots Omaha/8 Bot

 Omaha/8 Hi-Lo Poker Bot

Advanced auto-play Omaha Hi-Lo software that plays professional-level poker at the better online poker rooms. Now 100% user-friendly with custom settings. Plays all game formats and has a full stealth/hide mode.

Main Objectives: Exploiting weak competition in cash games, earning rakeback & claim back the first time Casino bonus, and scoring high money finishes in tournaments while unattended.

Omaha High-Low Split is the most suspect card game currently being spread, especially online. Your opponents play terribly, mainly because they are way too loose in the preflop and draw to non-nut and one-way hands post-flop much too often. This bot crushes these bad players.

There are a lot of practical, money making uses for an Omaha Hi-Lo poker bot. Especially with all the different limit structures being played these days. One big advantage is that this game, when played correctly, tends to have much smaller bankroll swings than Texas Holdem.

"Shanky Technologies has designed this Omaha poker bot with same care of design as the Holdem Poker Bot so has many of the same unique features like"

Start MTT Tournaments. Use the poker bot to play the first few hours of an MTT for you then step in and take over near the money.

Play Overnight Tournaments. Those late night tournaments are juicy! Turn the bot on and go to bed. See where you finished in the morning then take over for some fun.

Hold Your Game Place. When the partner calls you to put up a shelf you don't need to lose your spot in the game your bot will carry on for you.

Consistency in SNG Profiles. Shanky Technologies forum members have collaborated on testing SNG profiles and have reported back in-the-money finish rates as high as 45% over many hundreds of trials.

Clear Casino Sign-up Deposit Bonuses. Take advantage of poker room first time deposit Casino bonus without having to worry about finding the time to clear them.

Rakeback Money Making. A break-even cash game profile will actually return a very impressive monthly profit in rakeback payments.

Crush the Micro-Limit. The micro-limit games are easy money but hardly worth your while to play manually. Let your pokerbot do the work mop them up while you are away from your computer.

Best of all it uses the PPL Poker Programming Landuage which means that that it is totally customible

Check it all out HERE

"I would really like to hear your views and comments about this software. As with all the programs on my site I believe that they are useful and will make money."

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Omaha 8 Poker Bot


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